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Construct Success

Your success is our success. If you ask any one of us what makes us tick we will all agree - getting the best performance out of a team and all members of the team ensuring the end product is the best it can be.

We are people that inspire change and challenge the norm. It's in our DNA. We will give you the strength and skills to make the best decisions for your business, projects, teams and yourself.

If you have a framework, project, team or are in a partnership or venture where integration and collaboration are pivotal, an independent facilitator and viewpoint are essential. IPInitiatives are the people to call.

Our People

We are a team that is passionate about changing the construction industry for the better. 

We have a wealth of experience at the forefront of change in the industry, coaching, training and helping people to perfect integrated collaborative working. No matter where you are on your journey we can help you to achieve your goals and objectives, striving to understand your business, facilitating and enhancing your potential to optimise your outcomes.


We have a unique team with diverse knowledge and experience drawn from consultancy, client, main contractor, specialist contractor and legal backgrounds.

Frontier of Change
IP_Insurance_positive_MONO Hi Res R (002

Our flagship product. Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) is the first in a new generation of Insurance Backed Alliancing, that ensures superior outcomes and creates value for all stakeholders.


There have been many attempts to get fully Integrated Collaborative Working off the ground. To date this has been held back by the methods, contracts and insurances which have grown up

to support the industry but now act as a brake on change.

IPI is designed to sweep away these millstones, replacing them with an inclusive process to facilitate change and a single policy to replace the myriad of policies up and down the supply chain.

“Expanding the limits of possibility"

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