We used all our experience from three different sectors of industry and the learning from the key projects previously outlined and developed the New IPI Model (www.integratedprojectinsurance.com) of working. The first model in insurance backed alliancing. The model uses a new form of Alliance Contract currently owned by IPInitiatives, and a cost overrun insurance policy, It is one of the three new model of procurement in the Government Construction Strategy 2025

We are still learning our first trial project is at Dudley College but the proof of concept and change in behaviour was notable and that's what we believe industry needs to change for the better.

Where you may have seen us pop up in the industry....

Kevin is an ongoing member of constructing excellence and Leader of the Strategic Forum for Construction Integration Toolkit development and upkeep team and Chair of the Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions.

His involvement and belief in collaborative working stems from client experience. He is co-founder of the new model IPI and much of the thinking emanates from his learning at GSK where he created and applied the ‘FUSION Approach’ to the  £17m Biotechnology consolidation project that delivered a 21% saving on capital cost and 37% saving on time and won the 1999 Contract Journal “Single Project Partnering Award”. 

Louise has worked in the tier 1 contracting side of industry, has been involved with Constructing Excellence in the development of the CIRIA Supply Chain Management and integrated working training modules. She has implemented supply chain management into various companies and trained framework partners to work better together and run behavioural selection processes in many major procurement areas. She has been training and coaching integration and collaboration in the industry for the last 15 years.

Martin, a Classics graduate from Cambridge University spent his career in the engineering sector of the construction industry as Managing Director and then Chairman of a Tier 2 M&E contractor.

Having had his fill of the disasters caused by flawed procurement, he has worked with colleagues in the construction and insurance industries to eradicate their causes – hence the birth of the “IPI model” which gained recognition in the Government Construction Strategy 2011 and for which he is now “mentor”, reporting to the Cabinet Office. He has been involved in many Industry reviews, reports and forums. Joint Contracts Tribunal (1973-92), National Economic Development Office (1987-88) - “Faster Building for Commerce” report; Prisons Building Board of HMG Home Office (1987-93); Construction Management Forum (1990-91); “The Role of the Specialist Contractor” (1994)


In this paper – which was twice referenced in the Latham Report “Constructing the Team” – he identified how savings of 25% could be achieved by early involvement of the specialist contractor.


The Movement for Innovation, to implement “Rethinking Construction” (1998-2000); Strategic Forum for Construction since 2000 and worked with Sir John Egan in his Rethinking Construction report; SEC Group involvement since 1998.