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IPInitiatives is formed of a team that has well over 150 years of experience across all sectors of the construction industry and as such we complement each other's thinking and that of our clients and partners too. Martin worked extensively for tier 2 supply chain, Louise in main contracting, Kevin in the client sector (both public and private) and David (currently our non executive director) in the legal profession. We have all been in consultancy for many years now and share one key passion - we think the industry can perform a lot better!

We are all absolutely passionate about ensuring collaborative working is given the best opportunity to achieve what we know it can. With this in mind, we help and train teams to work better together collaboratively, have developed the Integrated Project Insurance Model included in the Government Construction Strategy  (IPI) and have worked tirelessly to do our bit to change and improve our industry. We are not afraid of taking part in serious debates and inspiring leaders and teams to make the best decisions possible for the best project or business outcomes. Get in touch if you think we can assist you. Contact us.

Martin Davis

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Kevin Thomas

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