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IPI allows great

It is a curse on our industry that a party can be ignored or not monitored. We often get asked what the benefits of IPI

We particularly like Derby Museums Project Director, Hannah Fox's comment about being an "unapologetic advocate"  of the IPI Model of procurement and delivery. We are equally fans of the way Derby Museums think in terms of co-production real synergy between us.

Journals all round still cant help but separate the team "main contractor" "architect" etc - the IPI Model contractually makes the whole alliance responsible for design, delivery and cost - that's what makes us unique so the alliance is responsible for all and each of the mentioned businesses are part of the main alliance. The suppliers are also subcontracted into the alliance and employed differently.

Hannah Fox - Director of Projects and Programmes, explains why the museum chose IPI and why they are delighted they did on the £17m refurbishment of the Museum of Making...

A good perspective on the IPI Model and how it works from the RIBA......

Why Designers and BIM exponents love IPI....

An article and view from Nick Deeming who is a Partner of FaulknerBrowns Architects. His career has been focussed on the benefits of collaboration because he believes that this not only creates a more pleasurable working environment but is also a more effective, profitable and sustainable way to work. He is a practising Architect, a Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champion, a member of JCT Council and Chair of the JCT BIM Working Group.

National Award for Dudley College of Technology - Advance II - The first IBA project

Great News again for the first trail project in Insurance Backed Alliancing - the IPI Model.

First Place in the National Constructing Excellence awards for Integration and Collaborative working.  We are all thrilled and it makes some of the hard work VERY worthwhile.

With thanks, as always, to the whole Alliance and the Assurance team: 

First Award in for Dudley Advance II

The whole alliance team were out on Friday evening at the West Midlands celebrating construction Awards.

The project won the Integration and collaboration award a great event all round with congratulations to all other winners. At IPInitiatives we couldn't think of a more appropriate win. Hopefully more to come! Watch this space

This is a comprehensive report on the way the IPI Model performed on our first trail project at Dudley College. We have already improved the contract, the processes and expect our next project to be even better. Dudley COllege must agree as they have just commenced their second project under the IPI Model banner.

The next IPI Model Project OJEU is out!!

Our first trail project client has come back to us for a second project.

Dudley College have posted the SSQ for the Black Country and the Marches Institute of Transformational Technologies (IoTT) Investment target circa £26m including client fit out and VAT.

The portal that will hold the documents is  the reference number for the contract is CA4668


The OJEU contract notice is 2018/S 049-107026

Steve Bamforth explains why the industry needs to change and why the supply chain need new procurement methods. 

Martin Davis, Cabinet Office Mentor for IPI writes in The Times as to the need, not only for the IPI Model but asking why Government Procurement in Construction are not moving forward with the Construction Strategy which advocates the use of new Procurement Models

In light of the Carillion Collapse Rudi discusses PBAs and Insurance Backed Alliancing the IPI way - see from about 5 minutes in.

Derby Museums Trialling the second IPI Model Project

The team procured by Derby Museums for the project - Silk Mill Museum of Making are Bauman Lyons Architects, GCA Consulting Engineers, Leach Colour Exhibition design and installers, Speller Metcalfe Constructors, Derry Building Services M&E constructors, Preston Barber M&E Consultants  have all signed the Alliance Contract and Derby Museums have given the go ahead for Phase 1 of the project under the IPI Model. Commercial alignment was completed just prior to Christmas.  We're all really excited to be working together - what a great team we have in place!

Innovate UK Reports for Dudley College - first IPI Model trial due to be published in Feb 2018

The academic partner, University of Reading,  in our Innovate UK funded project..."Delivering more for less under the IPI Model" are just completing reports following the successful completion of our first trail project, Dudley College, Advance II.  Watch this space for access to all the Innovate UK reports produced by our consortium partners.

The Benefits of Integrated Project Insurance

Jan, 2017


Building Magazine reports the views of Elliott Wood on the IPI model following a days workshop with wide industry attendance and its influence on BIM possibilities......

Advance Party at Dudley College

May, 2016

CMs report of the first Integrated Project Insurance project under the Government Construction Strategy. How it works from the teams position....

Are you ready for IPI?

May 2016


CM examines the ability of clients to deal with the processes neccessary to make IPI work well, Are you ready to change for the better? Let us know and contact us

IPI Masterclass with David Hancock

October 2015


The Cabinet Office Head of Construction joins an industry-wide debate on the benefits and processes that make IPI a game changer... 

First IPI procurement model project award....

April 2015


Building Magazine reports on the first award of the most innovative of the three procurement models listed in The Government Construction Strategy....

NBS review of the new IPI model...

May 2014


Detail of the model and working of the IPI model reviewed....

Cabinet office recommend new procurement models...

Jan 2014


Updated 2014 Government Construction Strategy puts forward three new models of procurement - the most radical is the Integrated Project Insurance model. The flagship product for IPInitiaties...

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